dint know where to begin or what to put as "Home" what template asks for so just cos i think theyre the best band in the country right now and working the festies hard probably not getting paid and ten times better than anything on the bogshite illuminati PYRAMYD vampyr gerriatric glasto mainstage (if i sound bitter and twisted its because i am FULL STORY ON GLASTO.RUB.FM) Meanwhile here's SGB (Freedom.To.Mankind) over an Emporer's Dentist rehearshal with a drop dead fred verse at 3min13seconds...

and also because DROP DEAD FRED'S PAGE IS THE FIRSt of the tribe.rub.fm pages to get comments so i'm wazzing that right up here in a super too big <iframe src=http://tribe.rub.fm/DROP-DED-FRED language="geekspeak">